Terms of Service

Updated on January 1, 2020.

Welcome to use MEIHUA VPN products and services. Before using this service, you should read this service agreement carefully and fully understand the terms and conditions. In particular, the terms of exemption or limitation of liability. By using our services, you are agreeing to these Terms of Services.

You confirm that before purchasing or using MEIHUA products, you have fully read, understood and accepted the entire contents of these Terms of Service. Once you purchase or use MEIHUA products, you agree to abide by all the provisions of these Terms of Service.

You agree that your use this service shall be deemed as your read and consent to be bound by this agreement. MEIHUA Team has the right to modify the terms of this agreement and the corresponding service rules when necessary and has the right to publish it by means of information push, web page announcement, etc., without having to notify you separately. After the terms of this agreement are changed, if you continue to use MEIHUA products, you are deemed to have accepted the revised agreement. If you do not accept the revised agreement, you should immediately stop using the service.


  1. Content of the Service

The content of this service refers to “MEIHUA VPN” providing cross-platform data encryption transmission services to users through legal internet technologies.


  1. Purpose of the service

You can use MEIHUA products around the world, so it is your responsibility to evaluate whether using this product complies with local laws and regulations. Whenever you use MEIHUA products, you should abide by relevant local terms and applicable laws, regulations and policies. MEIHUA aims to provide the best service to all users. In this sense, we ask you not to abuse the usage of our product. Usage abuse is the use, access or interference with content or products that are in violation of the terms or applicable laws and regulations. To prevent the service from being abused or used to harm others, MEIHUA team reserves the right to take appropriate action, including revoking, without refund, the service for noncompliance with these terms. When using our products, you agree that you will not:

  • Send or transmit unsolicited advertisements or content (“spam email”)
  • Send, allow or transmit any illegal, offensive, threatening, discriminatory or defamatory, copyright infringement, or violence incitement content through this service
  • Upload, download, publish, copy or distribute any unauthorized contents protected by copyright or other proprietary rights.
  • Upload, download, publish, copy or distribute anything sexually explicit.
  • Engage in any behavior that affects, restricts, or prohibits the use or enjoyment of this product by any other users.
  • Perform any unauthorized attempt to access, detect, or connect to someone else’s device (that is, any form of “hacking”).
  • Endanger internet security, infringe others’ intellectual property rights, etc.
  • Attempt to compile, utilize or distribute a list of firmware and related IP addresses owned and operated by MEIHUA.
  • Use this product for any illegal purposes.


  1. Service Availability

MEIHUA VPN services may vary based on coverage, speed, server location and quality. MEIHUA will try to provide service at any time. However, this service may be interrupted, rejected, limited or reduced due to various factors beyond our control, including but not limited to emergencies, third-party transmission service failure, equipment limitations or network problems, signal strength or signal interference problems. We are not responsible for data, page loss, un-submission, delay or misdirection caused by communication services or network interruptions or performance issues.

We may, at our sole discretion, enforce user or service restrictions, suspend services, terminate VPN accounts, or prevent certain types of product/service use to protect our users or services, which may cause the accuracy and timeliness of the data received may be delayed or omitted.

MEIHUA reserves the right to investigate the violations of these terms. We may (but are not obliged to) delete, block, filter, or restrict materials, information and activities that we believe actually or potentially violate these terms without notification.

MEIHUA assumes no responsibility for problems caused by failure to prevent information that violates these terms from being transmitted to your device through this service.


  1. Refund

The newly purchased router product comes with a 12-month free VPN service. You can decide whether you want to subscribe to our further service. Due to the special nature of this product and service, we do not accept any form of refund request except quality issues.


  1. Service Update

To improve user experience and optimize service content, MEIHUA Team will continue to develop new services and provide service or software updates from time to time (These updates may be submitted to you in the form of replacements, modifications, enhancements, version upgrades, etc.)

As new versions of the service are released, older versions of the service may become obsolete and unavailable. We do not guarantee the availability of older products, please check and use the latest version at any time.