Shipping and Return


Shipping Method and Delivery Time

In general, orders will be processed within two working days and will be shipped no later than the third working day. Products usually arrive within 7 days after the delivery date, but the arrival time varies from place to place.

Please ensure the delivery address is correct. Incorrect or incomplete address will lead to longer order processing time. If the products cannot be received correctly due to wrong address, the receipt may incur additional shipping costs. Because the product value is low, customs clearance is not usually required. But, if customs declaration or additional supplementary customs clearance documents is required, it may lead to shipment delay.


Order Shipping Status Inquiry

After shipment, we will notify you of the tracking number via email. Please ensure your email address provided in the order is correct. You can check status of the order from the carrier’s website.


International Freight Reachable Area

Currently shipments only go to Southeast Asia and North America, including Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Orders in other countries and regions may require negotiation of shipping method and delivery time.


Duties and Customs Clearance Fees

Under normal circumstances, Customs clearance is not required due to low product value and non-commercial use. But there are still cases Customs clearance is required. The consignee must handle all Customs clearance in accordance with local Customs rules. The import tax, Customs clearance costs and related costs arising therefrom shall be borne by the consignee.


Warranty Claim for Quality-Related issues

If the product has quality issues and is confirmed online by contacting our customer service staff, you can request a return and exchange of the product. All return and exchange costs due to product quality issues are borne by the seller (if you purchased the product from an agent, please contact the agent for return and exchange)

Listed below are potential product quality issues:

1. There is no response when you try to power on the product for the first time, and the indicator light is off;

2, After you power on the product, the indicator light is abnormal (shown as white or red color), or the Wi-Fi signal that starts with MEIHUA cannot be found;

3. After you power on the product, the indicator light is normal. You can find the Wi-Fi signal beginning with MEIHUA. But the Wi-Fi signal is extremely unstable;

4. The product is unstable to use and is found to be overheated or even hot.

By the way, if you encounter the following problems, you can usually solve it by yourself:

1. If you can't visit internet via our product but the indicator light shows normal, it is probably not a product quality issue. Please check your network connection and contact customer service for help.

2. If you forget the password changed by yourself, you may reset the product to resolve the problem. Visit our official website to find methods from the FAQ.

3. For the USB VPN Dongle, once the Wi-Fi signal beginning with “Recovery” appears instead of “MEIHUA-xxxx”, this can also be resolved by resetting.

4. USB VPN Dongle failed to bind with peripheral Wi-Fi in a new environment. This may be caused by the browser you are using. You can try another terminal or a different browser. You can also change the Wi-Fi in another environment and try to bind again. Due to the Wi-Fi instability in different environments, we cannot guarantee the USB VPN Dongle can be successfully bound and used normally in all occasions.

Non-quality Issues Not Covered under Warranty

— Products without sufficient proof of purchase
— Lost or stolen product
— Items that have expired their warranty period
— Non-quality related issues
— Free products
— Repairs through 3rd parties
— Damage from outside sources
— Damage from misuse of products (including, but not limited to falls, extreme temperatures, water, operating device improperly)
— Purchase from unauthorized reseller/agent

Return and Exchange Rules

Undamaged products due to quality issues may be returned and replaced within 60 days of the item was delivered to the designated shipping address.

Returns must include all accessories
Items must include original packing


Return and Exchange Process and Timeline

Due to the special use of the product, we do not accept unconditional returns.

The return and exchange process due to product quality issues is shown in the chart below.