Common Question 2: Slow Internet Speed

The speed of accessing overseas websites in mainland China depends on the bandwidth allocated to the international gateway bureau of the region you are located in, which is usually between 10-30Mbps. For those interested, please refer to the relevant white paper published by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology. To test your own "international export bandwidth," please use

This speed is sufficient for daily browsing and smooth viewing of YouTube HD videos. Since the bottleneck is limited by the international gateway bureau, increasing the bandwidth at the end-user's location is meaningless. This is also why we currently do not produce gigabit products.

Q2-1: Can I watch 4K videos with Meihua?

Currently, ordinary users in mainland China can usually smoothly watch 1080P videos on YouTube, but it is difficult to ensure smooth playback of 4K videos, as explained above.

Q2-2: Will the speed of accessing overseas websites be different if different telecommunications operators are used at home?

Yes. Therefore, it is best to choose service providers with abundant international export bandwidth resources: preferentially choose broadband from China Telecom and China Unicom, and try not to choose local broadband service providers that are less well-known.

Q2-3: How to optimize the Meihua home edition usage environment?

If you are using China Mobile's broadband, it is recommended to power off and restart the modem or original Internet router at a fixed time each day to improve the connection quality.

Wired connections are usually more stable than Wi-Fi connections. If your device has an Ethernet port, you can connect it to the LAN port of the Meihua router home edition with a network cable.

The Meihua router uses the 2.4G frequency band. If your original Wi-Fi router is dual-band (supporting both 2.4G and 5G frequency bands), to avoid interference on the same frequency band, please turn off the 2.4G Wi-Fi of your original router and keep only its 5G Wi-Fi. Refer to the user manual of your original router for instructions.

Try setting the Wi-Fi channel of the Meihua home edition to 13 to reduce Wi-Fi channel interference. The method is: connect to Meihua via Wi-Fi or network cable, use a browser to log in to or, and enter the username and password as "admin." After entering the management interface, go to the "network--wireless" menu, change the channel to 13, and then click "SAVE." Note: Because the U.S. version of electronic products does not support channel 13, if you have a U.S. version of computer or phone, try setting the channel to 1, 6, or 11.

If multiple people share the network, avoid downloading large bandwidth-consuming files such as BitTorrent downloads to avoid depleting the international export bandwidth of the internet.

If your phone or computer is infected with a virus, it will consume network resources. You can try to systematically shut down phones and computers connected to Meihua to troubleshoot. The computer should have the latest virus protection software installed.

Q2-4: How to optimize the Meihua portable edition usage environment?

Note: Be sure to use a standard USB power interface with 5V1A, do not use fast charging interfaces with higher voltages like 9V.

The Meihua Portable Version connects to the internet through an existing 2.4G Wi-Fi, so the current quality of the 2.4G Wi-Fi channel and internet congestion will affect the Meihua's user experience.

If the internet speed slows down, restart the original router: the router will automatically select a relatively stable Wi-Fi channel.

Refer to the original router's manual to change its 2.4G Wi-Fi channel to "auto". Alternatively, refer to the original router's manual to set its 2.4G Wi-Fi channel to 13 and bandwidth to 20; because American electronic devices cannot support the 13th channel, few people use it.

If the original router supports both 2.4G and 5G, to avoid interference on the same frequency, connect other devices that do not need to access the foreign internet to the 5G Wi-Fi frequency band, and leave the 2.4G frequency band for the Meihua to use.

If the original router has a "scheduled automatic restart" or "Wi-Fi scheduled automatic restart" function, it will cause the Meihua to disconnect from the home router. Simply unplug and re-plug the Meihua to restore the connection.

If using China Mobile broadband, scheduled power off and restart of the optical modem or original internet router every day will have good results.