Common Question 4: Problems accessing video streaming websites/apps

Some websites or apps, especially those related to video content, require users' geographic location to be identified. MEIHUA is a VPN service that can only guarantee stable overseas IP addresses. An IP address is just one factor used to determine users' geographic location. Other factors include browser cookies, operating system language, mobile SIM cards, GPS location services, account information, and typing habits. Therefore, MEIHUA VPN cannot and does not have the ability to ensure that you can use all apps and access all websites. To put it simply, our product is like a taxi: you can take a taxi to any amusement park, but a particular amusement park may refuse you entry for various reasons such as ticket purchase, health conditions, weather, visitor flow, and power supply.

We adhere to the principle of best-effort delivery, meaning that we make the best effort to provide effective solutions to our users. With the overseas IP addresses we provide, you may be able to find relevant strategies online to meet your needs.

Q4-1: Is the IP address shared or dedicated?

Our IP addresses are shared among all users. Currently, MEIHUA does not provide dedicated IPs for individual users. Shared IP addresses are widely used in daily internet activities and are not the key factor that affects the use of some websites or apps.

Q4-2: Can I use it for gaming?

Our product is a general-purpose VPN and has not been specially optimized for any games. In theory, it supports all games. If playing games is your primary or even sole consideration for purchasing this type of product, we do not recommend our product, and we do not guarantee any gaming experience.

Q4-3: Can I use it for TikTok live streaming?

Yes. Usually, you need to remove the SIM card from your phone and disable GPS location services.

Q4-4: Can I watch Netflix?

Currently, you can watch Netflix using our Taiwan server.

Q4-5: Can I watch Disney+?

Currently, you cannot watch Disney+.

Q4-6: Can I use ChatGPT?

Some users have reported success with the following methods:

MEIHUA set to the Taiwan server. Using Firefox Private mode on a computer, preferably a Mac computer if possible. Using Firefox Private mode on a mobile phone. Trying to install Cloudflare WARP.

Q4-7: Can I use Google Chromecast?

Yes, you can use Google Chromecast in both Auto and Manual mode without any additional settings.